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Mark Pitchers Carp Fishing Made Easy Book




At over 270 pages Carp Fishing Made Easy... features 19 detailed chapters that cover all of the aspects of Mark Pitchers' UK carp angling approach. If you are the type of angler that is always looking to improve their knowledge to keep one step ahead of the carp and your fellow anglers then this is the book for you! 

The modern day carp angler is incredibly lucky in that there has never been so much technical content available throughout videos, magazine articles and websites – however this ‘information overload’ as Mark refers to it can be a bit of a minefield and actually cause confusion amongst anglers lacking in experience or confidence. The aim with this book is simple, to delve into the mind and 35-years’ experience of professional angling coach, Mark, and for him to outline the tactics and approaches that he uses for his UK fishing, which have brought him so much success over the years.


Key Aspects Made Easy:

· Basic Tackle Requirements

· Watercraft & Feature Finding

· Casting

· Bite Indication

· Rigs & Bait

· Lead Patterns & Setups


· Zig Rigs & Floater Fishing

· Snags

· Stalking

· Fishing at Night

· Carp Care

· Knots