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Wainstones Pool

Wainstones Pool - Exclusive Lake Bookings

Nestled at the foothills of the North Yorkshire Moors and Cleveland Hills, Wainstones Pool is Mark’s own personal lake which opened it's doors to the public for exclusive bookings in March 2020. Now you and your friends can have your own personal use of this stunning lake with no interference from the outside world. 


The History of Wainstones Pool:

Wainstones Pool began life back in 1994 as a tiny 3/4 acre day ticket fishery stocked with mixed species, including carp, with some of these old residents still inhibiting the lake today. In 2001 the lake was temporarily closed to fishing and extended to around 2 acres in size. The majority of the coarse fish were removed, and following further stockings of carp the pool reopened in 2003 as the mega exclusive “Wainstones Carp Syndicate” which was run on an invitation only basis. The fish thrived in the incredibly rich weed-filled environment, and by the year 2017 the lake boasted around a dozen fish in excess of 30lb, including three over 36lb, topped off by a mirror now known as “Maximus” weighing just a few ounces under 38lb. Then, in the summer of 2017 disaster struck; a fish kill caused by a bacterial outbreak saw the majority of the fish perish in just a two week period. Mark was faced with two options; either throw in the towel, or rebuild and make the pool better than ever. Thankfully Mark chose the latter, and in the winter of 2017/18 the pool was drained down entirely and the silt which was the likely cause of the bacterial outbreak was removed. The surviving carp were temporarily re-homed in the newly dug stock pond which lies adjacent to the main pool while work was carried out. As well as being desilted, the pool was also dug slightly deeper and also the surface area was extended slightly. With the work complete and the pool refilled, only a few selected original fish were restocked back into the main lake; these were carp chosen either for their good looks, or their potential to grow big. In addition to these original fish, further stockings were made from some of the best and most reputable suppliers of carp in the country, which makes the future of Wainstones Pool look very exciting indeed! 

The Pool Today:

Although only 2+ acres in size, Wainstones Pool is a challenging little venue.  Many of the residents have seen every trick in the book over the years, and as a result can prove very tricky to tempt. During the summer months the pool can become very weedy, which combined with the vast amounts of natural food items available to the carp can can also add to the frustrations. With two islands, numerous overhanging willows, reedbeds, lily beds and a small “out of bounds” area the carp have plenty of sanctuary havens in which to escape anglers attentions. The demanding nature of the pool therefor lends itself more towards anglers who have some years of experience under their belts. 

How we operate:

The pool operates on an exclusive booking system, where a group of up to four anglers can book the lake exclusive from Monday 9am to Thursday 6pm, or Friday 9am till Sunday 6pm, or alternatively for the full duration. Smaller groups, or even solo bookings are absolutely fine, and non-fishing partners are also very welcome. Mark is also available for 24-hour tutorial sessions as part of your booking should you wish to have some expert advice on hand. The secure, intimate, and very private site is locked upon entry meaning no-one can walk round and disturb you. With the carp’s welfare in mind the pool will has a 2 week closed period in May to allow the carp to spawn and recover without any human interference, plus during the winter months the fishing operates on a week on week off basis. With the pool being closed on Thursday and Sunday nights (except for full week bookings) this not only benefits the carp by minimising the amount of stress and pressure, but also it will benefit the anglers too. When anglers arrive on a Monday or Friday morning they know they will be “starting a fresh”, with the lake having received no angling attention, or any bait just before their arrival. 

The Stock:

Wainstones Pool is home to approximately 125 carp (we lost count when transferring the fish over from the stock pond!). These are made up of three original carp stocked back in 1994. Each weighing around 22-23lb, these wily old warriors are thought to be around 35-40 years old and are very seldom caught, making them some of the most sought after carp in the pool. There are also a number of carp that survived the fish kill of 2017, including the venue’s biggest carp; “Maximus”, which was caught in March 2020 at 39lb 5oz. In addition to this two other 30lb+ survivors are present today; “Phoenix” which recorded a weight of 36lb 3oz in 2016, and "Bazza" which is around the 32lb mark. There are also a number of new and as yet un-named fish which have topped 30lb in 2020, as well as countless 20lb+ fish, including a several upper 20’s that will almost certainly top 30lb in 2021. The remaining stock is made up of new introductions from some of the countries leading carp suppliers; such as VS Fisheries, AJS Fisheries, Front Fish UK, Fishers Pond and Carp 4 Restocking to name just a few. Check out the gallery to take a look at some of the pool’s residents in more detail: 


  • A maximum of two rods per angler to be used. 
  • Barbless hooks only. No long curve shank hooks or “360” rigs. 
  • Boilies, pellets, and fishery prepared particles only. No other baits are allowed
  • No nets, weigh slings, or unhooking mats to be brought on site. These are all provided by the fishery.
  • No zig rigs, surface fishing, or free-lining. Pop Ups to be fished no higher than 4inches. 
  • All leads must be able to release on the take, either on lead clips, drop off inline, drop off helicopter rigs, or to be fished free running. 
  • Fishing only from recognised swims. 
  • A minimum of 18-inch (45cm) of anti tangle/rig tubing must be used.
  • No leadcore or leaders of any description. 
  • A minimum of 0.40mm main/reel line to be used, and hooklinks no lighter than 25lb b.s. 
  • Fish must not be retained in slings.
  • No wading or swimming. 
  • Drugs and heavy drinking will NOT be tolerated. 
  • No dogs. 
  • Any carp caught that look to be 35lb+ must not be removed from the water. Please retain in the landing net and call bailiff immediately so that weighing and photographing can be carried out, regardless of the time! 

Facilities & Security:

Facilities at the moment are a little limited. There is drinking water tap on site and a potrable loo. While there isn’t any shower facilities at the fishery there is a leisure centre approximately 7-8 minutes drive away where it is possible to pay just £2 to use the showers. There are also chimeneas in every swim for anglers to light just to add too the carpy vibes! The entire site is enclosed within a 6ft heavy-duty wire fence, which is there for both the anglers security, but it also protects the valuable stock from otter predation. 

Prices & Bookings:

Prices are for the full lake booking. A £250 deposit is required to secure a booking, then the balance is payable 8 weeks before your session.

Details Cost
Monday 9am to Thursday 6pm  £700

Friday 9am to Sunday 6pm 

Monday 9am to Sunday 6pm  £1250

Mark is also available for tutorial sessions on the pool at the reduced rate of £395 per 24-hours. Bait packages can be purchased too, with CC Moore boilies, pop-ups and liquids available at discounted rates.

Wood Pool - Opening April 2021

Originally dug in late 2017 as a stock pond this tiny pool was extended in 2019 to create "Wood Pool". At just half an acre in size this tiny pool is stocked with 80+ carp averaging 12-16lb but boasts numerous 20lb'ers up to 25lb+. The pool is available for exclusive bookings from Monday 9am till Thursday 6pm, and Friday 9am till Sunday 6pm for just two persons. Prices are just £250 for the lake exclusive  

To arrange a booking or for more information please call:

The Angry Common

One of two original commons stocked in 1994 as a stunted low double. Although only around 23lb these days this fish is thought to be around 35-40 years old and is one of the rarest visitors to the bank. 


The Alpha male carp, another VS Fisheries carp introduced in the winter of 2017 at 23lb+. 


Another beautiful example of a VS Fisheries carp, stocked in December 2017 at 21lb 8oz but looking considerably larger now! 

Most Wanted List

This truly breathtaking carp is on everyone’s “Most Wanted” list. Top weight 20lb+, February 2018.

The carp with no name

No name for this one, but a perfect example of some of the wonderful scaly fish that reside in the pool. Seen here weighing 22lb+ in February 2018. 


One of the recent VS Fisheries introductions, stocked in the winter of 2017 at 25lb+; what an awesome looking carp!


One of the oldest carp in the pool, stocked in 1994 and he was an old fish back then! Top weight around 22lb+, but one of the rarest visitors to the bank, and who wouldn’t want this stunning old carp in their photo album!?


One of the fastest growing carp in the pool. Top weight 28lb in 2017, and set to be considerably larger by 2020. 


Weighing 30lb 1oz here in 2017


Weighing 36lb 3oz in 2016, could this fish make 40lb+ by 2020?


Seen here at 37lb 11oz in 2016, I wonder how big this will be in 2020!?